• Rugby Team

    Old Christian´s Club rugby team, 1972

  • Mendoza

    The day of the accident in Mendoza, minutes before taking off for Chile. The Fairchild 571 can be seen behind the passengers.

  • Tail of plane found

    The back end of the plane is found in an expedition.

  • Los Andes

    Adolfo Strauch, Carlos Paez, Fernando Parrado, Javier Methol, Eduardo Strauch, Gustavo Zerbino, Roberto Canessa y Moncho Sabella.

  • The letter

    Group of survivors after listening that the search for them has been called off and they are believed to be dead.

  • Rescue

    Photograph of the rescue by the Chilean Air Force helicopters

  • Back home

    Arrival at the Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrrasco “For us, it wasn´t such a huge deal as the rest of the world took it, but the only thing we wanted was to come back home to our families” Tintin

  • Press conference

    Press conference on December 28th at the Christian Brothers school. The survivors get together to give their account of the story to the Uruguayan press and the world.

  • Returning

    Returning to the Cordillera “life is something huge, I think i have the obligation to live it even more fully because of the toll it had on my teammates”

  • Back at Los Andes

    Roy Harley, Gustavo Zerbino, Eduardo Strauch, Carlos Paez, Adolfo Strauch, Coche Inciarte, Moncho Sabella, Alvaro Mangino, Javier Methol, Tintin, Pancho Delgado y Pedro Algorta.

  • The cross

    We invite all who believe in life, from all faiths and religions , to believe that a superior being guide our paths, even though it is sometimes so difficult to understand him.

  • Tintin Tour


  • Compartiendo la experiencia

    Siempre lo reeditás... cuando tenés alguna conferencia, es retrotraerte a lo que pasó, traer esos recuerdos que se vivieron muy intensamente.

  • Nowadays

    He currently gives speeches as a motivational speaker.

  • La sociedad de la nieve

    ...En poco rato deje de verlos, estaba en medio de la cordillera de los Andes, rumbo a un avión que no se veia. Estaba solo, por las mias, sin comida y sin equipaje. Esta es mi historia. Ese fue mi rol...